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"Their field of expertise stretches the limits of a ‘traditional' design house, from Invention, to development; from digital video editing to rapid prototyping…they are a world class one stop shop for the Toy and Game industry"

Dougal Grimes, Director of Product Acquisition and Inventor Relations, Hasbro Gaming

"Whether it be a blank slate followed by a full iterative design process, or subtle refinement of cad for the next action hero, Designbytouch are the team to connect with. As a designer it seems impossible to have cost, schedule and quality all together, but working with this group you really can have it all. I'm fortunate to have such world class partners as passionate about play as I am"

Ceileidh Siegel, Director of Imbedded Innovation, Hasbro

"Our go-to Toy Design Consultancy of choice – highly skilled, thoroughly professional and a joy to work with!"

Matthew Ashton, Vice President, LEGO company

"Designbytouch are a great partner to work with. The team are creative, enthusiastic, fast and flexible. The quality of work, communication and support is exactly what we want from a supplier"

James Wing, R+D Manager, Vivid Imaginations

"Designbytouch opened our eyes to many new ideas and forced us to question some of our fundamental design principles. Game and toy designers have so much to learn from each other and I look forward to working with these master builders more in the future!"

Tom Williams, Game Director, Studio GOBO

"Designbytouch has been a joy to work with. They are smart, creative, fun and accomodating. Their work is unique in its ability to push the aesthetic in order to create a fresh, highly original new look. Their work literally makes you say wow!"

Richard Gottlieb, Global Toy Experts

"Designbytouch are professional and well managed. We go to them often with very tight turnaround schedules and are able to do so because they have a tremendous design sensibility and understanding of what we are looking for. We can trust them to run with things without too much review because we know the end results will be superb...I recommend them highly"

Eric Listenberger, Director of Design, Boys Preschool, Hasbro

logoDesignbytouch Ltd is an independent design agency, specialising in Toy and Game design. Working with all the major toy companies across the industry, we develop fast to market products, as well as future innovations based on in-depth research and development.
At Designbytouch, we also create our own Intellectual Property and Toy Inventions to be licensed for mass market toy manufacture and cross platform media, in partnership with various companies across multiple industries. With over 25 years combined experience within the Toy Industry, our team of world class specialist designers collectively bring Designbytouch’s clients the best in exciting, innovative toy design.  

Matt Gouveia - Managing Director


Inability to have drinks, without making a drinking game

“Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash.” Stinger, Top Gun

Paul Boucher - Creative Director

80’s film and pop culture trivia

Anything vaguely collectable

'It's not the years's the mileage.' Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

David Baldin - Design Manager

Having strong Polish blood coursing through my veins


“Welcome to the party pal!” John McClane, Die Hard

Mike Coombs – Senior Designer

Thinking about all possible outcomes!

Thinking about all possible outcomes. And Skiing.

“I like half you half as much as I should like, and less than half of you half as much as you deserve”
Bilbo Baggins

Sam Haughton – Senior Designer

Geeky tendencies

Geeky Tendencies

“Sometimes, I just don't understand human behaviour”
C-3PO, Star Wars

Charlotte Palmer – Designer

Carrying my mighty oversized rucksack


“You took too long. Now your candy’s gone. Dat’s what happens. BAKOWW!”
Bee, Bee and Puppy Cat

Jack Wales – Senior Designer

Making Naughty Tunes

A Pop Banger

“Put your faith in what you most believe in”
Phil Collins, Tarzan

Dominic Storer – Designer

Making mundane stories into the stories of legends!


“I’m Lovin’ It”
Ronald McDonald, Mc Donalds

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Designbytouch cover all aspects of the design process, including: Ideation, Sketching, 3D CAD creation, Animation, Prototyping, Video Sizzlers, Character and Graphic creation, Concept Theme Boards, and Pre-Production Engineering.



Located in Shakespeare’s County, Royal Leamington Spa is surrounded by historical sites and plenty of good pubs to fuel our brainstorms and idea generation. We’ll often be found at the Clarendon (a stones throw away), refining an idea over a hearty meal and a drink. Team days out are important to us, and whether it’s a day spent go-karting, clay pigeon shooting, off-roading, or just perusing the big smoke, we love to spend time as a team hanging out and having fun.
We are always looking for creative, free thinking people who love designing and playing with toys as much as we do! See below for current job vacancies...
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